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MEMO was born (pun intended) from being pregnant with my daughter and not being able to find the kind of products I wanted - high quality, naturally derived botanical ingredients that were designed specifically for pregnancy. 

As like many other pregnant women, I also began to question what world I was leaving for my children, and so creating a sustainability focused business that gives back is extremely important to me.

When I was looking for 'stretch mark’ oils, I came across so many that were laced with cheap chemical fillers and super long ingredients I couldn't pronounce. Or they included essential oils that aren't actually recommended for use during pregnancy. 

I went into a whirlwind of research and began developing blends for my own use. If I’m honest, I didn’t have time for this shit. I was working full-time, freaking out about the fact I was growing a human inside me, and didn’t particularly want to spend hours Googling what was safe and what wasn’t. I just wanted products that were high quality, designed specifically for pregnancy and that made me feel amazing during this special time in my life.

But then I realised that I can’t be alone, and this ignited a fire in me to make what was missing. This has since stemmed into countless variations and test batches to create a small range of products formulated specifically for the modern mama-to-be.

I truly believe that pregnancy is one of the most amazing times in a woman’s life, and it’s a time to put self-care front and centre; to selfishly prioritise yourself and your growing little person above all other things. However, it’s important for you to still feel like you, and that’s where the name stems from - a blend between ME and MOther.

So from me to you, you gorgeous mama or mama-to-be, I hope you love our products and tell your friends to help keep this little business growing.

Courtney xo